Canadian visible minorities are more likely to face discrimination in hiring than their American counterparts, according to a new survey of nine countries that found Canada is near the top for prejudice in hiring. The data “shows nearly ubiquitous discrimination against racial and ethnic minority groups,” the researchers concluded. Canada and the U.K. tied for third place for most racist countries when hiring candidates. Furthermore, it is found that people of African, Asian and Middle Eastern descent all experience similar levels of discrimination at all levels of job hunting in Canada.

Why D&I

Our WHY is forge from the inequity of people of colour and women in the work force (STEM).

As globalization becomes infinite, the shift of various cultures congregate by setting roots in specific geographical locations. The notion of diversity is of great attribute for some but for many, such idea has become dismissive. There is no doubt that structural racism is at the heart of inequality for people of colour (including indigenous) and women in commerce, law and social welfare.  While many companies strive to bridge the gap of diversity and inclusion into their business model, adoption isn’t’ possible without adequate resource and talent to spare-head such shift in both corporate culture and acceptance.


At Diversity and Inclusion associate

Our only objective is to advocate and lesion between people of colour and women with the corporate work force- particularly in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics industries.  We aim at aligning people of colour and women with high skills sets into the STEM industry and executive chairs alike. We believe that corporations who provide products and service to a community, often align representation of key positions within an organization with diversity and inclusion to which representing the community they offer products and service to.